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'Carry-the-Kettle has spoken. Carry-the-
Kettle has said that we are friends as long as the
sun shines and the waters flow. Carry-the-Kettle
has never broken his word.

'You know It3 BlackfeetP

*Agh) agh, agh!—Sokah-pse! Akai-sokah-pse!
(Yes, yes, yes—Good! Very Good!)5

The soft booming drums that had accompanied
the chiefs narrative, suddenly broke into a wild
rhythm, and then the chief and his companions
proceeded to go through the famous ruse that he
had just related, while some of the Bloods who
were actually in the encounter looked silently

When his I Saw Dance was over Chief Carry-
the-Kettle walked up In front of the Blackfoot
chiefs and said:

'Already I am becoming an old man, I may
never see any of you again. And before we break
this camp I want to tell you the story of one of
your chiefs who saved my life and caused me to be
here to-night. I do not see him here., but some
of you may know him. If you do you must,
when you go again to the Northern Blackfoot
country, tell him the story I am going to tell you

'This happened in the year of my twenty-sixth
winter. You were camping on the Milk River In
the country of the Northern Blackfeet [now